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“We added $30m in new qualified sales leads as a result of the accelerator and refined our pitch, which we regularly use to drive sales.”

“The mentorship saved us a costly mistake (€500k) of going to Europe rather than focusing on other markets first.”

“It's rare to find a corporate sponsor of an accelerator to be so engaged, so open and so willing to help as Alltech.”

Cohort 2019
With more than 250 applications from 53 countries, The Pearse Lyons Accelerator selected 9 global startups challenging traditional thinking within the AgTech industry.
Alumni 2017
In 2017, the Pearse Lyons Accelerator brought together 10 highly disruptive startups from eight countries across the world.
Headquartered: Dublin, Ireland
Based on the premise that magnetic fields, applied under appropriate flow and fluid conditions, can influence the physical properties of spray fluid and facilitate more effective spray dispersion.
Headquartered: Sydney, Australia
End-to-end farm management software is built in consultation with Aussie farmers and industry stakeholders to ensure they build the tools farmers want and the industry needs.
Headquartered: Beijing, China
Next-generation urban farming solutions using advanced software technology.
Headquartered: New York, USA
Helps indoor farm operators use data to make more profitable production decisions, and tracks and analyses all farm data in one place.
Headquartered: Indonesia
eFishery is an integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming.
Headquartered: Israel
Developed optimized methods and technology to enable the growing of grasshoppers quickly in sanitary conditions for a reliable, sustainable, quality protein source.
Headquartered: Dublin, Ireland
Calving alert system that notifies a farmer or rancher one hour before a heifer or cow is due to begin calving.
Headquartered: Israel
Developed a technological solution that makes growing crops fully autonomous regarding irrigation and fertilisation.
Headquartered: Halifax, Canada
Crop-analytics company that develops drone-based technology for monitoring crop health, with a primary focus on improving crop yields.
Headquartered: Edinburgh, UK
Employs engineers and agriculture experts to enhance the development and expand the application of their agricultural LED solutions.

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Alumni Pitching at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference
All startups of the Pearse Lyons Accelerator have the opportunity to pitch in front of 4,000 AgTech enthusiasts.
Alumni Podcasts
Can we feed the world without harming the earth? The agriculture industry is always working to reduce its environmental impact, including seeking sustainable sources of protein for livestock. In this podcast, we hear from Kieran Whitaker, CEO and founder of Entocycle, a startup using insects to turn organic waste into animal feed. Is this alternative protein source an idea with legs?
Entocycle: Creating a buzz with alternative protein
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What if farmers could identify health issues earlier and pinpoint the location of a sick animal within seconds? In this podcast, Wolfgang Auer, CEO of Smartbow, explains how his startup is using technology to help farmers monitor health, rumination and heat status and know the exact location of an animal in real time.
Have you herd? Smartbow uses high-tech ear tag to monitor animal health - Wolfgang Auer
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Is there an alternative to culling male layers? Could the poultry industry avoid this costly practice? In this podcast, entrepreneur and startup co-founder Yehuda Elram explains how eggXYt could revolutionize hatcheries using CRISPR technology.
Male layer loss: The eggXYt strategy - Yehuda Elram
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Irish agri-tech startup Moocall saves calves and the sleep of dairy farmers. Their innovative, non-invasive device gauges tail movements to predict imminent calving and notify farmers via mobile alerts.
Successful calving & sleep! - Moocall
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AgriWebb has developed farm and herd management software that specializes in the livestock industry, particularly red meat producers.
No more pen & paper farm management: AgriWebb
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MagGrow’s innovative magnetic spraying system reduces drift by more than 80 percent, helping to save water when spraying crops.
Using magnetic fields to save water while spraying crops - MagGrow
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On this episode of the AgFuture podcast, we speak with one of the 10 ag-tech startups from The Pearse Lyons Accelerator program: Hargol FoodTech. The company seeks to address increasing global demand for protein by farming grasshoppers using an optimized method and technology.
Dror Tamir of Hargol FoodTech of Israel discusses its grasshopper protein powder
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